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YAACS Award & an update

27 February 2012

First I’d like to spread the word that there is a new award that celebrates library staff who work with teens. I think this is wonderful! yaacs award info

I’d like to apologize that this group hasn’t been very active this year. It seems that since it became an official network it has lost it’s steam. I signed up to be moderator when I was a part-time librarian, also thinking that I would just be a go between, with lots of people adding content. It turned out I got a full-time position, moved, and spent a good deal of my “free time” reading a LOT of teen novels for the CLA Young Adult Book Award committee. It’s all been wonderful but I haven’t had a chance to work on CLASY without sacrificing things like sleep and the little time I get with my family. Now that I’m more settled in my new job and the book award are winding down, here is my plan of action:

1. Advocate that the Teen Rights In The Library document adopted by OLA be adopted by other provinces, starting with BC and working my way East. If anyone wants to take on another province that would be great.

2. Have a program of the month feature and feature a program that you are doing in your library.  I say you because I will need submissions for this to work. Send me your programs!

3. Have a weekly round up of job postings related to teens and libraries

4. Monthly review of a professional development book or resource. I will start but need submissions too.

5. Recruit. I will contact people about contributing. This is a network, it’s about sharing ideas in dialogue, it can’t work if it’s just me and maybe a handful of people.

6. Promote the listserve. E-mail questions to and they will go out to the group.

Do you have ideas about how to get this network going again? Comment or contact me, and let’s see what we can start.


  1. 27 February 2012 5:50 pm

    Does your group include school libraries like CLASC does or is the emphasis on public libraries? This may or may not make a difference.


    • 27 February 2012 6:27 pm

      Hi Helen. It includes school libraries (high-school and middle school) but my focus so far has been public libraries because that’s what I’m involved in. I’m happy to post about school library subjects if there are contributors.


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